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Wonk Unit - Mr Splashy LP


"Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?

Well, you should if you are ignorant of the air, leanings and grandeur of Wonk Unit, London’s improbable heroes. Heroes of community, of politics and melody.

Champions of Wonkfest, the ever growing London festival that is key to the punk rock calendar. Yes, punk rock. Individual, ironic, poignant and occasionally wistful, Wonk Unit deliver “Mr Splashy” in your ears and it resonates in a contemporary way, legitimizing the mantra of “21st century punks”.
My mate Sean brought home the latest Descendents effort on vinyl recently and spun a few tunes. My reaction?“This sounds like Wonk Unit”. Case closed.

Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated? Honk If You Wonk.

- Johnny Takeaway"

Released by the fine folks at TNS Records!


1. Awful Jeans
2. I Told You So
3. Bin Him
4. And You Call This Normal
5. Silly Voices
6. Owen Meany
7. Je M'Appelle Alex
8. Old Trains
9. Ode To Summer
10. Pale Moonlight
11. Model On The Northern Line
12. Old Man
13. Hot Day You Know It
14. We Are The England