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The Steinways - Gorilla Marketing LP


'Gorilla Marketing' is the 2nd and last album from New York's The Steinways (Grath and Ace from House Boat's previous band). This is an extremely fun record about being broke, working shit jobs and trying not to wank at work. Released by the lovely folks at Cold Feet Records.


1. Arena Rock
2. Missed The Boat
3. Oh My Fucking Gosh
4. Fuckmarket Pharmacy
5. Oh Angela
6. Attaching Transmittals To Erection Drawings
7. Half Baked Heartache
8. Manhattan Boots
9. The 400th Blows
10. Good Morning Sunshine
11. Its My Hair
12. Senior Prom Jr.
13. Good Grief
14. (Nobody Wants To) Make Out (With Me (Because I Wear Sweatpants))
15. CGI
16. The Internal Cowboy