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The Fake Boys - This Is Where Our Songs Live CD


The Fake Boys should be huge. I don't understand why they aren't. I guess life's just not fair sometimes.

This Massachusetts power pop-punk trio draws influence from the Ramones, Descendents, Jawbreaker, Dinosaur jr, and Husker Du complete with endless hooks, ear bleeding volumes, and DIY attitude...this band promises to set up camp in your head for days. Perfect for summer nights, winter snow storms, or a show in your basement. The Fake Boys understand how to evoke the nostalgia of 90's power-pop and indie rock while diving into modern punk's pool of tension and ferocity.

01. Sometimes I Write Songs All The Time
02. Be Free
03. I Love
04. Logical Ape
05. For Eric and Matt
06. Life Is Stupid
07. Sorry About New Years Eve
08. This Is Where Our Songs Live
09. Crush
10. I Wish I Was Dead
11. They Don't Know
12. I Quit