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Spoilers - Stay Afloat mini-LP (Splatter Vinyl) w/ CD


Spoilers is a new band from the UK featuring members of Southport, 7 Day Conspiracy, More Than Normal and more. For fans of Snuff, The No Marks and HDQ. This mini-LP is seriously awesome, and if you don't believe me then check out these recommendations!

"Spoilers boshed it" – Duncan Redmonds (Snuff)

"They have the uncanny ability to merge the best parts of SoCal style punk rock with British pop rock melodic sensibilities. Two things which happen to be essential to my particular music taste" - Trever Keith (Face To Face).

Brought to you by Boss Tunage and Brassneck Records!


1 . All For One
2. Freaked
3. Stay Afloat
4. The Unlucky Winner Is...
5. Punks Don't Die
6. Who's To Blame?