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House Boat - The Thorns Of Life LP

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2nd album from US pop punk super group House Boat! 14 songs about being broke, hopeless and alone. House Boat is Grath and Azeem from The Steinways, Mikey Erg and Zack from Dear Landlord, with all members sharing vocals. Lovely stuff indeed. Released by Traffic Street Records.


1. Who Let The Dogs Out?
2. A Song In Which I Convince Myself To Stop Being Such A Fucking Idiot
3. Quivering
4. Throwing In Those Weird Chords Did Wonders For The Copyrights And Dopamines (Theme From House Boat)
5. ...And On And On
6. Now We Are 31
7. Pityscapes
8. Anticipation Preservation
9. I Live Directly Across From The Outback Steakhouse
10. Terminally Unique
11. I'd Be Better Off On
12. Real Life Is A Metaphor For Real Life
13. Barkmarket Fuckacy
14. Bug Out