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Ghost On Tape - Into The Maze LP


"Into The Maze" is the brand new album from France/Italy's Ghost On Tape! This album is seriously amazing and us chumps at Round Dog Records are very happy to be involved with the release of both the LP and CD. Round Dog himself said it reminds him of Dead To Me and Osker "Idle Will Kill", but said that Ghost On Tape definitely have their own thing going on. Round Dog himself is never wrong about this sort of thing either. LP comes with a lovely download code!


1. Lost In Oblivion
2. Into The Maze
3. The Heart And The Feather
4. Twenty One Years Ago
5. It's Killing Me
6. After The Tragedy
7. Don't Look Now
8. Beyond The Flesh
9. Postcard From The Wasteland
10. All Our Friends have Disappeared