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Ghost On Tape - Ignoring All Traffic Lights 7"


"Ignoring All Traffic Lights" is the final release from France's Ghost On Tape, one of everyone at Round Dog Records' favourite bands. Round Dog himself was howling for a long time after not being able to get involved with releasing this EP, so he's wagging his tail like crazy now that he has a few copies in the distro. GOT sadly split up recently, so do yourself a favour and get one of the last few copies of this amazing EP! For fans of Dead To Me, Osker, Alkaline Trio and AWESOME SHIT. Released by our good friends at Brassneck Records, Guerilla Asso, Les De Geraldine and BMA.


A1. Is It A Car Crash We Are Living Now?
A2. Beyond The Limits Of Time And Space
B1. Our Love Is A Mess
B2. Lighthouse