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ACiD DROP - The End Of Days CD


Latest album from the UK's finest skate punks that like a good oi or two here and there - ACiD DROP! 14 new songs for your lovely ears. FFO NOFX, Bad Religion, Flogging Molly and riverdancing. A lot of fun live, so buy the album, learn every song inside out and then be sure to shout every word back at them. Released by TNS Records.


1. Halcyon Days
2. Straight to Hell
3. Slave
4. The End of Days
5. Knock You Down
6. Neutron Bomb
7. 20 Tonnes
8. The Stroll
9. Mary Rose
10. Hell & Damnation
11. My Direction
12. Dogs Die in Hot Cars
13. New Riot
14. Mary How We Tried