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Wonk Unit - Pwosion Idea "Feel The Wonkness" CD

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This is the perfect introduction to the one and only Wonk Unit! Hands down the most exciting and original band in the UK punk rock scene at the moment. Daddy Wonk is a genius. "Feel The Wonkness" is a remixed and remastered collection of Wonk classics for your lovely ears to chew on and was originally released on vinyl by Drunken Sailor Records in July 2015. Round Dog himself has teamed up with Drunken Sailor, Johanns Face Records, Boss Tuneage, TNS Records and the band's own label Cement You Cunt Records to bring you this awesome album on CD! LONG LIVE THE WONK!


1. Guts
2. Horses
3. Lewisham
4. You Married A Tortured Genius
5.Donkey Of The Damned
6. She Cut Her Finger
7. Running
8. Los Angeles
9. Elbows
10. Always The Same
11. There’s Me
12. Go Easy
13. Rambo