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The Punchlines - It Ain't Funny 7"

£3.50 / Sold Out

Like The Turkletons? Like jokes? Yes? You'll love the shit out of this! This is The Turkletons under a different name playing 10 songs of literal jokes. A genius idea that I wish I'd thought of first. For fans of The Turkletons and jokes. Brought to you by the guy that looks like he's probably been smoking a lot of drugs over at Bloated Kat Records.


1. About Halfway
2. The Bartender Gives It To Her
3. Brooklyn, They're Everywhere
4. None
5. He Turned His Car Into A Driveway
6. Make Me One With Everything
7. 40 Dollars (Why Do You Need 30 Dollars)
8. They Do It Together
9. Scottie Poopin'
10. Why The Big Pause