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The Murderburgers - How To Ruin Your Life LP (Asian Man Records re-release w/ bonus tracks)

£10.00 / Sold Out

Asian Man Records re-release of The Murderburgers' 2012 album 'How To Ruin Your Life' featuring 2 bonus tracks from the long sold out Murderburgers/Gamits split 7" and new artwork by Wolf Mask!


1. It's Burger Time
2. Unemployment, Here I Come
3. My Head Is Fucked Again
4. I Don't Want To Dance With You Tonight
5. You'll Have No Fun Without Me
6. Broken Brain
7. Moron
8. It's Over Already
9. Gimme Gimme Negativity
10. Drifting Apart
11. She Better Stop Killing Me
12. I Don't Live Well
13. She Don't Wanna
14. Valentine's Day 2009
15. Learning To Hate You
16. Wake Up
17. The Hangman's Embrace (*The Putrid Flowers)