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The Lemonaids - Back To The Beach CD

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The 2nd album from The Lemonaids from Glasgow/Oslo and the 3rd release on Round Dog Records! 12 new pop-punk gems to brighten up your day. FFO Ramones, The Queers, Masked Intruder, harmonies, brightly coloured swimwear, sunglasses, arses and surfing.


1. Back To The Beach
2. Suzy Tsunami
3. Beach Blonde Girl
4. Horror of Party Beach
5. Wonky Wanda
6. Mai Kai (My Kinda Girl)
7. Go Bananas
8. Cherry Cola (Summer's Over)
9. Surfing Valentine
10. Jeannie's Got A New Bikini
11. Beach Leech
12. Wiped Out (Over You)

Listen/stream the album here! - https://rounddogrecords.bandcamp.com/album/the-lemonaids-back-to-the-beach*