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Maladroit - Freedom Fries & Freedom Kisses CD


Oui, the boys from Paris are back with their 2nd full-length on Monster Zero. Witty poppunk, classic Weasel meets Midwest meets Weezer meets Nerf Herder. No voulez-vouing around here, just instant hits. Funny titles, one-finger solos, welcome to the new style!


1. She Hates Foo Fighters Too
2. Dogs With Bandanas
3. Ramona Flowers
4. You're My Han Solo
5. I Missed The First Band
6. Jennifer Lawrence
7. I Like You More Than Pizza
8. This Floor Feels Better Than My Girlfriend's Bed
9. She Lives In A Basement
10. Crumbs
11. Run Like Tom Cruise
12. Never Trust A Girl Without A Collection
13. The Hitler Of Love Songs